Milestone Alert!!

Ready for ANYTHING.

Today’s ride was a little wild and also my very first time cycling alone in traffic. I ended up going way further than planned, too! ūüôā I started at Two Rivers and took the greenway through Shelby Bottoms to the Nashville Pedestrian Bridge. BUT THEN! On a whim, I Googled Halcyon Bike Shop and ended up cycling through the city clear to the south side!! I flew into the shop on my bike and slammed on the brakes like, “Wuzzup.” They filled all my water bottles, checked my air pressure, and hooked me up with some lights. #HomeAwayFromHome


Nashville Pedestrian Bridge

I left the shop around 5pm – the heat of rush hour. I had to make myself dive into this challenge. This scenario is much more realistic for my bike trip than the greenway… It went REALLY well. Drivers were aware of my presence, saw my hand signals, let me into turn lanes and passed me safely when necessary. It was actually kind of awesome… Even had people say “Hi!” at red lights and whatnot. I absolutely love this city… I forgot to log the section of my ride on the way from before the pedestrian bridge to Halcyon Bike Shop, so I’ll total the stats below:
Miles: 23.6
Time: 1hr 45 min
Ave. Speed: 14.7
Calories Burned: 1,518

Today’s Log via: Map My Ride (app)

I’m really getting excited about this journey. At the same time, I am realizing just how much progress is still required to be prepared for it. I plan to cycle 50-70 miles per day – and that’s with the weight of my gear. These are unweighted rides. One day at a time. Just gotta keep topping myself and staying focused… Thank you all for believing in me!!! #VeteransUnite #honorthefallen


Paracord Bracelets

Paracord Bracelets
Sample bracelets made by Sarah

I’m hand making Custom Paracord Bracelets to help raise money for my journey and they’re actually pretty freaking cool, too.
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Paracord Bracelets
Sample bracelets made by Sarah



I think that bridges are the most beautiful structure the human race has ever invented. ¬†Uniting two lands, connecting sides, crossing divides, facilitating possibilities… ¬†I took the Music City Bikeway past Shelby Bottoms all the way to the Pedestrian Bridge to enjoy Nashville’s beautiful skyline. ¬†Thank you to fellow photographer, “Michael”, for pausing his jog to take these for me! ¬†ūüôā

I keep¬†imagining what it will feel like to cross the breathtaking Golden Gate Bridge at the end of my journey… ¬†Can’t wait to make it a reality.


Group Ride

Got in on a nice 7-mile group ride, organized by Halcyon Bike Shop. They host them every other Sunday. ¬†They’re free of charge, and ideal for beginners. ¬†This was my first time riding on actual roads with traffic, so it was a GREAT learning experience.

The ride started at the bike shop and ended at one of my very favorite spots in Nashville.  The Shelby Avenue Pedestrian Bridge.  This is the exact spot that I took my skyline photo when I first moved here in 2011.  <3

(c) Sarah Lee Photography – click image



Training Day 3

Got deep in my head and tested my limits today.
20 miles in 1 Hour, 15 Min. ¬†And 1,300+ Calories…
This one was for YOU, my fallen family.
#honorthefallen #AViciousCycle

I know this isn’t the wisest thing to do… ¬†But as a side note, I did this with zero food or water intake. ¬†I deliberately wanted to see how I would perform and feel running only on fumes. ¬†The mind is so powerful, it’s scary sometimes. ¬†I’ll be sure to fuel¬†and hydrate going forward, but it’s good to know that I am capable of this madness.