10 Miles

My First Mini-Milestone

I went back to the Music City Bikeway to try out my first 10 mile ride.  The section from Two Rivers Park to Shelby Bottoms is really beautiful.  I’m REALLY glad I bought these riding bibs – having padded bottoms is like night and day.  10 miles in 43 minutes makes me happy.  And relieved.  I think it’s a great starting point…

Here is a fairly helpful Interactive Greenway Map for Nashville.
I’m excited to check out other sections!
P.S.  Riding is incredibly therapeutic…


Hell on Wheels

My face guards came in the mail!  I figured out that the wind while riding really dries out my mouth and nose.  I actually had a slight sore throat the next morning.  These have totally solved the problem.  They’re made of seamless polyester microfiber by SA Company.  The actual printing on the face shields is very high quality and vibrant.  They’re soft and they stay put.  RAWRRR!!

My Mom is NOT a fan of the skull, but as soon as I scare off my first mountain lion, I know she’ll have a change of heart…


My First Ride

Today, I went out on my first bike ride…  The Music City Bikeway came very highly recommended – and now I understand why.  It’s over 26 miles long with a variety of landscapes and terrains.  The carefully constructed routes span from scenic greenways, major Metroparks, and leads right into the heart of downtown Nashville.  Even for someone with little to no attention span, my interest was totally peaked the whole ride.  **Oooo, squirrel!!**   Sorry, I’m back.

Two Rivers Park – Cumberland River at Sunset

My first ride was short – just over 4 miles.  I wanted to test the waters…  Figure out what muscles are going to be used most.  Get a feel for my bike, practice changing gears, braking, and finding ways to sit that hurt the least.  I’m going to take this bad boy out again tomorrow and see what my 10 mile time is…  🙂

#NerdAlert, I took my bike out on a photo shoot.  10-second self timer FTW.

I’d like to recommend the Lazer Blade helmet with MIPS (multi-directional Impact Protection System).  It weighs less than 1/2 lb, fits very comfortably and securely to my head, has excellent ventilation, and it’s just an over all good looking helmet…


The Kona Sutra

I Found “The One”

After months of research and hours of test riding, I found my bicycle.  The beautiful Kona Sutra Touring Bike.  When I hopped on this beastly piece of machinery, I knew almost immediately that we were meant to be…

While Stephanie, co-owner of Halcyon Bike Shop, was ringing me up, I have to publicly admit, I became a bit teary eyed.   It was pretty cool moment, actually. I put my hand on the Brooks Saddle and smiled to myself.  This is the one.  This is my Sutra, and together, we are going to travel from one side of America to the other…

Today was a big step.  Soon to be followed by more big steps.
No more running in place.  NO more standing still.  #FORWARD


Halcyon Bike Shop

I have had the BEST experience with Halcyon Bike Shop in Nashville.  Extremely knowledgeable staff, extensive inventory, and a zero pressure environment.  SO grateful to have found them…

Halcyon Bike Shop
2802 12th Ave S
Nashville, TN 37204