It Begins

I am finally here.  The starting point of my journey: The Yorktown Victory Monument in Yorktown, VA.  This is it.  Sunday, May 7th.  It’s time to ride…

Army Veteran Sarah Lee and her riding partner, Marine Veteran John Steele.

I arrived in Yorktown at 0500 Friday morning, May 5th.  Fine tuned my gear and ate at Beachcomber Restaurant several times.  Pretty much became a regular and they were all rooting for us by the time we left…  🙂

On Saturday, I had the honor of meeting with Marine Veteran Daniel Sharp, a talented filmmaker and admin of Pop Smoke and Military Memes.  Daniel has been very helpful in spreading the word about my Journey through social media, and he took the time to meet with me and interview us.  Amazing guy…

Well!  Only 4,374 more miles to San Francisco, CA and the beautiful Golden Gate Bridge… Sunday is here, so here goes nothin’.  😉

Dipping our bicycle tires into the Atlantic Ocean… It’s official. Sea to Shining Sea.