About AVC

My name is Sarah Lee and I am a former Army Sergeant and OIF II Combat Veteran.  I have made a rather ambitious commitment to Bicycle over 4,300 miles from Virginia Beach to San Francisco (coast to coast) and am leaving the first part of May.  Literally from sea to shining sea.

I want to experience the land that I love, the country I fought for and swore to defend, in a way that will be both gratifying and GRUELING.  I want to HONOR my fallen Brothers and Sisters who gave their LIVES for us, I want to inspire and UNITE other Veterans who feel at war with themselves like I do, and I need to prove to myself that I not only WANT to be here, but DESERVE to be here…

I am hand making custom paracord bracelets to help raise money for my journey and they’re actually pretty freaking cool, too.
They can be purchased on the Support Sarah page.

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