I was incredibly honored to be featured on Fox 17 News (WZTV Nashville) tonight…  It was an awesome experience working with Eric Alvarez – so talented, creative, and personable. He captured my message and upcoming mission beautifully…

Less than 2 days remain before I head to Virginia and begin this grueling, yet glorious cycling journey across America.  It will be a privilege to honor my fallen Brothers and Sisters and I will pour my body and soul into this journey in order to represent my fellow Veterans and make them proud.

I’ll be blogging regularly and opening up quite a bit via my “Updates & Blog” page, as well as my AVC Facebook Page.  If by taking on this journey and being vocal about my own issues results in even ONE Veteran not feeling alone – or inspires ONE Veteran to power through another day rather than end their own life:  MISSION ACCOMPLISHED.

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*Information about my Coast to Coast Route, Upcoming Stops, Veteran Meetups, and general whereabouts will appear on the Scheduling Page.