Veteran’s Day

My Veteran Brothers and Sisters

We replaced words with action.  Anger with precision.  Fear with bravery.  Personal safety with selflessness.  We stood up and stepped forward to defend our country and it’s people.  The American Flag flies backward on our uniforms because while others would stand still or run away, we charge deep into the flames.   It was our HONOR and PRIVILEGE to serve you, America.

Our hearts and minds may be charred, and while the fire inside does its best to consume our days, we chose to carry this responsibility for those who are not capable or willing.  We’ve experienced life and death on a significantly grander scale.  We’ve tapped into a facet of ourselves that some may never discover.   Keep sharp, aware, and ever wary, Brothers and Sisters; as that call to protect and defend never fades.

2004, Operation Iraqi Freedom

It’s a call that can’t be explained.  Only answered.
More than words, my Brothers and Sisters.
Never alone, never forget.